ENVISORS provides civil,environmental engineering, transportation and surveying related services to public and private sector clients throughout Florida.

We are organized to furnish the technical expertise of engineers, surveyors, planners, computer specialists, and others required to produce economical solutions to the complex problems involved in urban, community, and rural development and we are thoroughly experienced in systems analysis and the use of advanced software and computer techniques. The multi-disciplined background of our staff ensures a comprehensive as well as practical and technically sound approach to problem solving.

Our Transportation Department provides services in all aspects of transportation project planning, design, permitting, and construction. Our highly experienced staff has successfully completed a wide range of transportation related work for all types of clients including private developers, cities, counties, and FDOT.

Envisors water and wastewater abilities use the latest technology and methods for completing utility projects, including modeling, GIS/GPS mapping for master planning, and state-of-the-art design programs to improve efficiency and quality. Envisors designs new plants, capacity expansions for existing facilities, and older plant upgrades to meet changing state and federal requirements. We design programs for plant operations and preventative maintenance and personnel management training programs.

The Surveying department accurately provides surveying and mapping services to diverse clients that include private developers, contractors, local governments, state and federal agencies, and transportation departments using state-of-the-art tools such as robotic and Global Positioning Systems, including Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and a GPS Virtual Network.